Some people refer to Micro Needling as Skin Needling, and Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), and it involves using a handheld skin roller which has several, greatly pointed needles on the surface area of your skin. This skin needling roller has needles from 1mm – 3mm in length, and the micro punctures only penetrate the topmost layer of your skin. Skin needling triggers the skin’s natural injury healing process by producing little holes in the surface that help to create collagen and elastin.

The little leak injury promotes collagen in the top layer of your skin and breaks a few of the capillary straight under the surface area of the skin. Due to the blood clotting, this produces the correct environment for collagen and elastin development. It’s those crucial elements which assist with the pores and skin to reveal renewed.

Injuries? How can it be safe?

Calling the result of Dermapen micro-needling “injuries”  is more of an exaggeration. The microneedle treatment method happens on a microscopic level, and the external trauma effect is minimal Use of micro needling will involve using agents to numb the pores and skin so that the treatment might be performed with little pain. It is not uncomfortable, it only feels like a tingling feeling.

Micro Needle treatment with a derma roller can be performed on all skin types and colours, including delicate skin. You will delight in thicker, tighter and smoother skin, in addition to increased blood flow to locations of malfunctioning healing, minimised the look of scars (consisting of acne) and great lines and increased penetration of serums and moisturisers. Extra results can include minimised stretch marks and hair loss. Micro-needling can be duplicated every 6-8 weeks as long as the epidermis is recovered; however, collagen formation can continue for approximately 12 months after one treatment.

Instructions for reliable Micro Needle Therapy

Tidy your skin well, then apply your preferred anti-aging cream. Utilising mild pressure, roll it over each location of the face vertically, then horizontally 4 or five times in each direction. It would help if you attempted to utilise it once or twice weekly up until the skin is conditioned. Then you can increase it to 3 to 5 times a week.

Ah, the joys of modern technology. Plastic surgery benefits from our advances in technology just like any other industry or medical field. This brings us to the subject of laser skin enhancements.

If you think you might be in need of a procedure to rejuvenate your face and restore your youthful appearance, you might be considering facial plastic surgery. However, for some individuals, surgical intervention is not the proper choice due to medical conditions or the particulars of your situation. In such cases, laser skin enhancements offers corrective solutions not previously available.

A laser skin enhancement is performed by plastic surgeons using advanced laser technology. The laser is strong enough to burn the first layer of dead tissue and a few living cells on the surface of the skin, but does not affect the other layers of skin tissue. The laser also reaches down to the underlying collagen. Instead of removing the collagen, the heat results in a reduction of the collagen. This reduction results in the tightening up of the collagen and skin giving the patient a less wrinkled look. In practical terms, laser skin enhancements give you a bit of a lift and peel at the same time.

A laser enhancement is not the best procedure for all facial concerns. It does not work well on areas such as deep creases in the neck and cheek, creases around the lips and the upper eyelids. For smaller, fine lines and light wrinkles, however, it can be a less invasive choice than surgery. There are many advantages to choosing the laser procedure. There is less recovery time, general anesthesia is generally not necessary, and there is very little blood loss. There are also normally no scars following the procedure.

There are some potential side effects to having laser enhancements as there are with any cosmetic surgery. The recovery takes about ten days during which you can have very sensitive skin with some weeping. During this period, you will see a progression of skin color from red to pink to normal. There can also be a permanent lightening of the area treated, which can be a problem for some dark skin individuals. It is also not recommended for people looking to remove large quantities of skin or who have severe facial damage due to sun or age. If you are such a patient, laser enhancements can help but will not be a total solution.

Laser skin enhancements are a popular alternative to traditional facial surgeries. Make sure to speak with your doctor to find out your options and whether this surgery is appropriate for you.

Skin care is a very broad discipline that encompasses both the physical properties and appearance of the skin on your face and body. If you have unanswered questions about the best way to protect, nourish, and care for your skin, the information in these tips is an excellent starting point.

If you do not want to spend a lot on a exfoliating mask and also are more of a natural girl, use oatmeal and strawberries. Strawberries have lactic acid and antioxidants. Make sure you use ground oats. Mix these with some organic light cream and apply to the face for around five minutes.

Staying out of the sun is a good way to preserve your skin. Too much exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer, and also lead to rapid aging of your skin causing things like wrinkles, and age spots. If you must be in the sunlight, wear clothing or lotion to block UV rays.

To take better care of your skin in the winter, stop using face peels, masks, and toners or astringents that are alcohol-based. All of these products can strip the natural oils away from your skin. Instead, use a milk cleanser or foaming cleanser, toners with no alcohol, and only hydrating, not clay-based, masks.

One of the things that you will want to avoid when you are eating is white starches. This ingredient will dry out your skin, while increasing the amount of redness that you have on the surface. Reduce the amount of rice, pasta and bread that you eat during the day, for a healthier skin tone.

Exercise for great looking skin. You will get that after workout glow. Exercising increases your blood flow and oxygen levels which also increases the oxygen in your skin. This is vital for skin cell renewal. So pack your bags and hit the gym to turn back the hands of time.

Wear clothes that offer SPF protection. The sun can do serious damage to your skin. While you might already apply sunscreen on a regular basis, consider adding some clothing with an SPF rating to your wardrobe as well. You can find shirts in stores and online, that offer extra protection against the sun.

In the morning and the night, make sure to wash your entire face and neck very carefully with soap and water. Never put too much pressure on your face as this can lead to excess irritation to your sensitive pores. Pat dry after you are finished and always apply moisturizer after using soap.

After shaving, a lotion is essential to moisturize the skin and prevent irritation. Your after-shave lotion should contain no alcohol whatsoever, and should be limited in fragrances. Remember, the point is to protect your skin and promote healing, not to cause further irritation and damage through harsh chemicals and additives.

By applying the knowledge that you have just gained from reading this article, you are taking a big step toward improving your life by improving the way you care for your skin. You are sure to enjoy increased confidence in the overall appearance, texture, and health of your skin.

Everyone wants beautiful skin. Here are some ideas and information to help you have radiant, healthy skin. Start a new skin care program now to ensure great results.

Background Information

Your skin is the body’s largest organ, weighing between two and four kilos. It covers between one and two square metres and completely renews itself every seven to ten weeks.

Your skin reflects your state of health, being soft and smooth when well cared for, or dry and flaky when taken for granted. To have beautiful, soft, young-looking skin, pamper it.

Tips on skin care

Drink 2 litres of water daily
Enjoy a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables
Try to have a sound, restful sleep
Take high quality supplements, including a vitamin & mineral and an Omega 3 essential fatty acids
Practice a daily skin care regime
Know your skin type
Exercise regularly
Keep stress levels to a minimum
Limit intake of caffeine and alcohol
Avoid excess exposure to extremes of temperature

Daily Skin Care Regime

Men and women will see a marked improvement in their skin when following a skincare plan. Cleanse, tone and moisturise daily. Exfoliate and use a mask regularly.

Cleanse your face and neck, morning and night. Accumulated dead cells, perspiration and make-up mixed with the grime in the atmosphere, clogs up our pores resulting in a dull and lifeless appearance.

After cleansing use a toner to remove the last traces of cleanser, tighten and tone the pores.

Next apply moisturizer. Pollution, sunlight, harsh weather, air conditioning and central heating dehydrates the skin. This causes dry and dull skin. Two litres of water daily will hydrate your skin internally. You should also add moisture from the outside. A moisturizer will help prevent your skin’s moisture from evaporating into the atmosphere. All skin types need moisturizers.

Extras to ensure a radiant skin

An exfoliant removes dead cells from the skin’s surface. This enhances production of new cells. It improves blood circulation, giving the skin a healthy glow.

Eye creams are designed for the sensitive areas around the eye. Choose one that reduces puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles.

Day and a night creams have different formulations to improve skin elasticity, texture and appearance. During the night your skin needs a special cream to rehydrate and rejuvenate skin cells ensuring you wake up with a refreshed, softer complexion.

When showering use a soapfree body wash. This is gentler on the skin and cuts down on cleaning the shower recess!!

Apply a lotion, or spray on, body moisturizer to your whole body after showering.

Follow this regime and you will have beautiful skin forever.