The Osterfield Clinic is most well known for success in working with people that have been suffering from long term serious issues such as Bipolar disorder, extreme trauma and PTSD, acute OCD and debilitating phobias. In one of Richard’s early training courses he watched Dr Bandler prove just how fast the human mind can change by stopping someone being scared of spiders. The demonstration took just 3 minutes. Richard became fascinated with the idea that the mind could change this fast and set about developing similar ways of working with other long term problems.

I found that the best way to ensure the speed at which someone gets better is to make sure, beforehand, that what you are doing will work for that person. As simple as this may sound there are a great many therapists out there who have a set number of different techniques that they are confident in using. They spend most of their time trying to either make these methods work on their clients or finding clients for whom these methods will work.